Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Bad blogger, sad blogger

Remember when I said I would spend more time talking about the hobby I love? No? Well neither do I apparently.

Several months back now I made a promise to myself to put my head down and keep with it. Get in a flow, find the time to share my enjoyment with others outside of my game groups.

So much has seemingly passed since I last sat down and started typing away.

Another blazing hot Phoenix summer has come and gone.
My Wednesday night regulars are still hitting the tabletop. Every week.
A trip to Tucson and the fun of RinCon yet again, this time shared with my darling wife.
Seeing a friend's gaming group, G3, blossom and attract many new people to the hobby.
An epic 24 hours for charity with Extra Life.
And so many games. Now standing at a whooping 374 unique games played since I started tracking.

I do consider myself lucky that I have found friends who are willing to share their time and enjoyment of games. Without them I would have never got to play so much in so little time.

I do hope that I bring to their experiences what they bring to my life.

I do look forward to our many game nights. An escape from reality. Pushing cardboard. Rolling dice. Flipping tables. Together.

I do consider sometimes if this is too much, as there is a thin line between loving something and an obsession. But you have to do something if you enjoy it. Right?

I'm glad I have a found a love I can share with my greatest love. And if I can drag them to the table, my kids too.

What to play next?