Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Kickstarting the Habit - Believe the Hype!

There is a lot of hype behind a certain title on Kickstarter this week, but there are still a other out there worth checking out.


Here is a co-op card game where the players are students at a school for wizards. You have to work together to pass tests and fight off the monsters invading the school.

This one may not be up to all tastes but cool cartoon style artwork and a Harry Potter-like theme is sure to appeal to many people.


Players work together to build up the city and defend it from the oncoming onslaught of natives and barbarians. You take on the role of outlaws attempting to atone for their sins by helping the King spread out into new lands and defend.

The game features to modes of play, PvP where one player can be the attackers attempting to break their way into the city, while the others have to defend. Then it can be played in a co-op mode becoming PvE as all players work to battle off the oncoming attacks.

This game has a great look, also interesting stretch goal unlock on the higher tiers with the potential of added miniatures to replace the wooden cubes. Keeping an eye on this one.


Looks like Scott Almes is doing it again. It is the nearing the turn of the 19th century and it is a boon time for paleontologists. Players take on the roles of these famous scientists as they attempt to be the first to dig up the most complete fossil sample. You rush to find the best bones and can also dabble in notoriety as you can steal other people's finds.

A fantastic dinosaur building system that rewards you points is the central mechanic of this game. Loving the look of being able to build up your own dinosaur before the end of the game.



The hype certainly precedes this one. Not much I can say about a game that picked up over $500,000 in backing in the first 24 hours. StoneMaier's proven track record with the likes of Euphoria, Viticulture and Between Two Cities before it speaks enough volumes to have the gaming community as a whole excited for this game.

Extensive playtesting and a knowledge of how you put a Kickstarter together is sure to help this one along. Absolutely gorgeous artwork and a unique, intriguing theme blows my mind.


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