Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Weekly Route - From the search for artifacts to surviving the Great War


With awesome looking sculpts this is a hard game to not get into as you play. It feels like an old school coin-op given life, much like Gauntlet, you fight you way across a monster infested arena picking up gold and power-ups. Except this time other players can be attacking you as they try to complete their quests.

You are fully at the mercy of the dice, which in a game such as is this is part of the fun. You can go from epic critical hits to rolling morale dampening blanks.


Another type of quest continues as I strike one more off the BGG Top 100 must play list. The design of this game effortlessly blends many mechanics, auctions, tile-laying, worker placement and pick up & deliver. 

I loved the decisions this game puts before you as you have to decide how to use the many workers you have either as action activators or bidding tokens in the auctions. Then at the end of the game you have open bidding for end scoring tiles, this can get mean as you take away points from someone if you get the bids right. Can't wait to play again.


Doing for a board game what Indiana Jones did for a film, this one embodies the pulp adventures of the 40s. Car chases, collapsing bridges, hidden artifacts in temples and Nazis span the globe as players take on the roles of a variety of adventurers racing to get their hands on the hidden treasures. 

My first playthrough was co-op as we worked against the common threat of the nazis, and boy did we cut it fine in the end, squeaking out a victory. This is a singular experience, reeking with theme, random events and dice rolling that can cost you everything. 



Inside the rule book for this is an intention note from the desginers about how this game was created out of respect to those who fought in the Great War. And that this game is representative of the struggles they dealt with everyday. I feel they succeeded in providing that in the amazingly small package of a co-op card game. Players feel the ups and, more ofthen than not, the downs  of being entrenched. Pushing forward often feels futile as a mission failure will cause you getting deeping in the hole.

This game has to be played at the full five player count to be fully appreciated, as that offers the greatest and almost impossible challenge. Try it, you won't be disappointed, but expect to be beaten.

Got my first taste of Tiny Epic Galaxies... Ran off to the Isle of Skye again... Got a chance to complete in the Camel Up SuperCup... A fun full table game of Wits & Wagers

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