Saturday, May 7, 2016

Getting Back On Topic

Firstly, I must admonish myself for taking such a long break from blogging, life puts many stresses on you and an outlet is needed sometimes. For myself and others gaming is an escape, a welcome respite from all the woes and thoughts of the day, but as is evidenced with our end of game night chatter I like to talk about it as well. So therefore, I resolve to take more time to write about the hobby that I love. The one that my every discussion about my darling wife has to put up with. The constant banter about games she has never heard of, the distraction that keeps my mind off other things.

With my gaming group I have the opportunity to experience and play a great variety of games. I love this chance and would like to get back in the habit of sharing my love here. 

This coming Monday marks a year of my tracking all my plays on the BGstats app. I just hit 300 unique games played in the past year. Yes, 300 different titles have graced a table before me in the space of 12 months. Not sure if I should be ashamed or proud, of course I prefer the latter.

Proud of the fun I can find in the myriad of systems created through plastic, cardboard and cards.

Proud of the friendships I have grow sitting around our wooden alter that meals were once shared on.

Proud to keep on playing!

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  1. 300 unique games!?! Stand proud my friend, stand proud!