Saturday, May 21, 2016

TIMETABLE: A Feast for Odin


RELEASING: AUGUST 2016 (GenCon) - Possibly copies at Origins in June

Not one to miss out on a theme while it is hot, Uwe Rosenberg is well on his way to putting in his entry in the viking world. Not too many details about this with the release date so close but we can reach our own conclusions.

With a box that is coming in slightly larger than Caverna, and more than likely a little heavier, this looks like it'll feature all the Rosenberg tropes. Worker placement, resource management, building up a player board and cards, lots of cards.

Using a central board players will have to hunt, gathering materials to refine, build production buildings and raid settlements. In turn this will allow them to place earnings on their own boards in the best possible pattern to help produce and later the much beloved VP (Victory Points).

Judging from the released photos of what is going to come in the box the game will come with a built in storage solution. Something most welcome after the collections of bits and baggies that are prevalent in games such as Agricola.

The final shocker for this one is that it was announced that the game would see it's release stateside first. Being published by Zman games, with tentative availability hitting Origins but more likely GenCon in August.

My anticipation is high on this one. Bring on the sheeples.

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