Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kickstarting the Habit - Spirit Guardians against the Deadly Sins

Another trio of picks for you to kick this week!


Eric Lang and Cool Mini or Not are at it again. This time they are setting us up to battle the Seven Deadly Sins, players will take on the roles of members of FAITH (Federal Authority for the Interdiction of Transdimensional Horrors) a paranormal organization tasked with battling the evils corrupting the town of Haven.

With awesome miniatures and a horror campaign that doesn't involve the oncoming arrival of Cthulhu, if you have the money to burn this is certainly a campaign to get behind. As always with their campaigns it has funded and then some opening up almost all of their stretch goals.


Arthursburg is under attack, the residents and wildlife of the town are transformed into monsters out to destroy the town. Now it's upto you and your friends to rise up and battle the oncoming evil. You are The Guardians. Players have to draft cards to build up a deck to help them fortify locations around town. The game has a semi-cooperative aspect as each player will have their own secret quests to complete along the way to become the True Guardian.

Out of the box the game comes packed with cards and great artwork. The theme sounds a blast, with card drafting being a a fantastic way to build up your hand. This is definitely worth considering.


Set in an alternate history of 1700AD, players take on the roles of different spirits of the land, using unique powers the object is to protect your island from encroaching colonists in a strategic area control co-op game.

I love to see games designers still managing to create unique themes for their games. In a world where civ-building plays a big part of board games, this game puts in the other side of the story as you protect your land from the building society around you.


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