Sunday, August 16, 2015

Behind the Line - My Top 10 Games

My Top 10 Games

Way back in January, when I first attempted bringing back a blog, I posted my Top 5 games, now just 8 months later I feel I have gotten deeper into the hobby and it's time to give everyone an idea of where my tastes lie now with a full blown Top 10. Oh how things have changed!

Honorable mentions: Dominant Species, Dice Masters, One Night Ultimate Werewold, Elysium, Legendary Encounters, Dead of Winter, Carcassonne, Voyages of Marco Polo, Sheriff of Nottingham, Shadows Over Camelot.

Of all the hidden role games that we've played I have the most fun with this one. Although alot of the game can hang on good or bad die rolls there is still a enough strategy dependent on he role you get given at the start of the game. This hits my Top 10 due to amount of times we have played this along with it being one of the games my kids actually get excited to play each time it is brought out.

I still owe so much of my love for hobby board gaming to this one, and it hangs on by a thread in my Top 10. I will always have a soft-spot for it and will rarely turn down an offer to play it. And with the news of another expansion map on the way which will include the United Kingdom I can see it staying here for a while longer.

With a variable board which looks like a rainbow threw up on it after setup, this game has so many ways to victory which will keep me coming back to it whenever I get a chance. Still haven't played with the expansion yet either.

Building crazy looking castles for the Mad King is a blast, we so many unique room tiles no two castles will ever be alike. It's just fun to watch as you building grows before you and you attempt  to combo the bonus points from rooms as you go. Another one with an expansion on the way.

A unique worker placement game, that has you trying to time your placements rather than worrying about being blocked on spots. The sheer depth of strategy that comes from making the decision between placing and picking up is amazing, it will burn your brain.

My favorite Uwe Rosenberg game has you trading and building your part of the harbor in Le Havre. A great thinker of a game, with a limited choice of what you can do on your turn, with a balance of figuring out how to feed your workers each round.

Such a wonderful game. The theme of the old west is thick on it which is enhanced by the worker placement mechanic when two people go for the same spot you have a shoot out to decide who gets the benefits. Really hoping one day I'll be able to pick up the reprint.

StoneMaier games find i hard to miss and for the time being this is their masterpiece. Of course to get this high it requires the Tuscany expansion. But oh my is it worth it. You never have enough worker to get what you need to do, but I love that feeling when I want to do all the things and now have to choose what would be best for me each year. Just never play this game with my wife, she will finish you.

A blend of heavy euro and logic problem, Alchemists is overall the best game in my Top 10. The deduction that goes into figuring out the chemical build of the ingredients could make a fun game itself, but add in the limited worker assignments you make each round molds the way you play each game.

Thanks to the quick playtime combined with simultaneous play and dice rolling this game is easily my favorite game. I love the decisions you have to make each turn, deciding if you should bank on another player picking a phase you want activated or just go ahead and activate it yourself. I will never turn down an offer to play.

Let's give this all another few months and see where I'll be then..


  1. I'm honored that Viticulture made your top 10 list! Thank you. I'm also a huge fan of Tzolk'in and Castles of Mad King Ludwig. Great list.

  2. It was an easy choice, got to play Euphoria for the first time just last night, could see that pushing toward that 10 with more plays. Looking forward to Between Two Cities and Scythe as well. Keep up the awesome work!