Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Weekly Route - From Ancient Rome to turn of the century New York

The Weekly Route is never planned, sometimes there may be lots of stops and occasionally just one or two. This is where I like to take a look back at the previous week and check out the stops my gaming hobby took me to.

Just want to drop a precursor to the week that has passed. What a week it has been, thanks to a new member of our gaming group, I got to play three of my wishlist I posted the other week and another two are waiting in the wings. So along with him I want to say a huge thank you to all those who play a part in my little tour of games each week, company is half the fun.

Set in Ancient Rome, each player is attempting to run their own arena, trying to put on the best shows and attract important Roman dignitaries. You need to collect together the needed assets for each event to garner more wealth so you can improve your arena or lure the Emperor to come see your show. Another great game from Days of Wonder, along with the likes of Small World and Ticket to Ride this can work as first step into the hobby board game world. It serves as an entryway auction and trading game, and theme shines through as you compete to put on the best show before the end. This has hit my must get list, sadly this is currently out of print, but there is a new edition coming via Kickstater in October.

Baseball Highlights: 2045
Baseball Highlights: 2045
Let's start this week by heading out to a ball game and crossing a game of my wish to play list. It is the future and the popularity of baseball had been waning, in an attempt to bring the game back some things have changed. Games got shortened to six innings and they now allow cybernetic augmented players and even robots alongside the naturals. To recreate this new golden age of baseball the game uses a deckbuilding system in head to head world series between players. The quick back and forth make a sport that I have no interest in at all, very compelling to me and sheer variety of different cards to pick from will make every game unique in how it plays out. Can't wait to get a chance to play it again and would like to pick up my own copy.

New Your 1901
New York 1901
Being touted as a Ticket to Ride killer in many circles, this game gives a similar feel but rather than placing routes you are building up skyscrapers across the skyline of a 1901 New York. On their turns players draw a colored lot card and place out one of their workers, then have the choice to pass on the turn or pick the worker back up and place a building, scoring points immediately. As you score higher you'll have the chance to place larger buildings, score higher and even tear down your older buildings and replace them with real world buildings such as The Wentworth and The Met Life Building.

Set in Mythic Greece, the game itself is a mix of tableau building and set collection, as you try to build your legends using cards representing five different Greek gods. You purchase these cards into your domain, where they each have powers that can be beneficial to you, before you transfer them down into your Elysium and create the legends of old. This is my fifth play of this game and even with same five gods each time every game has felt a little different as various combos play out on the board and for other players. Looking forward to bringing in one of the three other gods that come in the box to the field next time.

Caverna: The Cave Farmers
Reimplementing his design from Agricola, Uwe Rosenberg brings a game that seems to grow before you. The players representing the titular dwarven Cave Farmers, as you attempt to mine and farm your way to victory. Many options are laid before you as you send out your workers to bring back resources to help you build rooms to be able to grow your family and farm fields to help feed them. One of the heavy hitters of the board game world, #3 on Board Game Geek, this game lives up to it's reputation and with more plays will surely fly up my list.

An elaborate scenario-based deduction game for upto 4 players, three players assume to role of the protagonists (loopers) and the other would be the mastermind. There is a map of locations between them and across those places a several characters. Each scenario has a tragedy, or more than one tragedy, that the players are attempt to prevent and the Mastermind is trying to bring about. If the players fail, they loop back to the start of the scenario and have to figure out what they did wrong in an attempt to avoid it happening to them again. If they manage to get through all the days in a scenario they win, if they run out of loops they lose and the Mastermind is victorious. This game is well worth the steep learning curve it provides as it is utterly unique and unlike anything I have played before. I will certainly be looking to pick this one up for myself at the first chance I get.

Other stops
Got to try out the new Artisans in Five Tribes... Was less than impressed when I got [redacted]... Made many Patchwork quilts... Traveled deeper into Euphoria... Lost every shootout in Carson City... Tried out a lengthy run of Imperial Settlers... Picked up a Dead Drop... Went horribly into debt creating a vineyard in Grand Cru... Rediscovered the wonders of a Small World... Found out once again I'll never be an architect in Castles of Mad King Ludwig... Got shoot up again in Bang: The Dice Game... Finally, revealed my alter-ego as a Rhino Hero!!

Told you it was a busy week!

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