Saturday, August 29, 2015

Behind the Line - Pick of the Podcasts!

The past couple of months I have been filling my drive time with gaming podcasts, I just want to share with you the ones that I have been enjoying the most. - Hosted by Sean and Alex. It's only been running for a little over year, and I only started listening a few weeks backs myself. The banter between the two is what makes this show, they have very different tastes in board gaming which can make it all the more interesting when they agree on a game. Half tempted to take the drive out to ABQ to join in their weekly meetup. I highly recommend checking them out. - Paul Dean and Quintin Smith have been at this a little bit longer and it shows. They really know their stuff. As well as the awesome podcast their video reviews are the best on the web, the infusion of humor and theme that they put into them is fantastic. Also the spot the pear meta-game can be fun as well. - Taking a different approach to board game reviewing the team of Flip the Table plays the bad games so we don't have to. Often reviewing the games you see on the shelves of your local thrift store, they take the time to give these games a honest shot as well as offering up opinions on how they could have been improved. - My final pick is a new podcast on the block and a little fan service for a friend of mind. Jason Hancock and Jason Washburn put together this podcast to interview other board game reviewers, designers and other people with a love for the hobby like them.

And there are some many more, so take the time out of your day and check these ones out.

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